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Laurie Gallian


In 1981, while visiting the Sonoma Plaza in the City of Sonoma, I decided to make this beautiful city my next home. In my time here I have continuously served this community as an active parent, business owner, nonprofit board member, and community volunteer for the last 35 years and 8 years as your Sonoma City Councilmember and Mayor in 2011 and 2016. Currently I am running for re-election to Sonoma City Council for the term of 2016-2020.


Public Service

I was selected as a City of Sonoma representative to the Sonoma County 2007 Climate Action Plan advisory committee. I broadened my public service focus to include the environment. Shortly thereafter, I was appointed to the City of Sonoma Community Services and Environment Commission. In 2008, I ran for Sonoma City Council. I was sworn-in December 2008. I have served the residents of Sonoma from 2008, as Mayor in 2011, and was re-elected in 2012, and I now serve as your Mayor in 2016. 

Currently I am running for re-election to Sonoma City Council for the term of 2016-2020.



I believe that government can play a role in bettering people’s lives, and local government should be the first responder to citizens’ concerns. Government is not the enemy, nor should the goal be to get it out of the way, as it is particularly suited to helping people; in fact, that is its purpose. Through government we provide a voice to our citizens, which strengthens our community and preserves the social equity and justice that we demand.

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